Friday, May 16, 2014

SIDS-Known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrom

SIDS-Known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Studies say that the rate of infant deaths are drastically down, but still around 4,000 sleep related deaths are still occurring each year. Research goes toward the study of possible medical conditions infants may have. The research for SIDS have come to a stand still because of the information needed to study the tissues of infants who have passed from SIDS. Without the studies there is no cure, the SIDS Institute are asking for donations so that more studies can be done to better understand the onset of SIDS. Many organizations are looking for hope and a cure to rid infants of this mystery, because without the proper funding and research we will not be able to know what really causes SIDS.
OC Trail Tales Foundation & Road Runner Sports as we get movin' to raise funds for SIDS Research!
Date: Thursday, June 19
Event Check-In: 5:30pm
By Kimberly Claus
American SIDS Institute 

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